Inspired by the people we serve

Baron Industrial Hydraulics was founded in 1976 and from the very first day, our goal has been to be the best in the business when it comes to being a “complete” hydraulic component remanufacturing and/or equipment repairs facility.

Our core values

Our trained technicians that have years of repair experience with pneumatic tooling, Hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders, valves, ETC…, as well as complete hydraulic power unit and hydraulic equipment repairs, which has allowed us the fortunate pleasure of making this goal a reality for the last “43 Years…” and has installed an unprecedented culture that has become the foundation of our growth at Baron Industrial Hydraulics, as “You are only good as, the people you put around you”, which allows us to provide quality repairs on demand.

We have excellent relationships with many of the manufacturing and re-manufacturing leaders of the fluid power industry that allow us the resources and tools to deliver on the expectations of our customers demands, as we continue to strive on the culture of “We are here to delight the customer”. There are many aftermarket parts and or like kind equipment available to hydraulic repair companies, and we simply refuse to participate in cutting corners or take short cuts, as we support the products we remanufacture with genuine OEM parts, and or duplicate.

Melissa Meadwell

Administrative Manager

Melissa’s 20+ years of administrative management continues to be an asset to Baron Industrial Hydraulics on a daily basis. Her everyday commitment to customer relations and our operating needs is imperial, professional and is most priceless to our operations as you will find out the first time you speak with her. The everyday contributions and work ethics that Melissa display in and outside the realm of her position is contagious, motivating and admiring. She is a one of a kind and she likes to drive the shop tow motor.

Anthony "Tony" Thomas

Lead Technician

First and foremost, as a former soldier of our National Guard, we salute you and thank you for your service. Tony is the model civilian and employee that any business would want. Besides having the discipline of a  United States soldier, he’s also known for his extra imperial work ethic, strong technical knowledge with diagnostics and troubleshooting skills, systems knowledge. Tony is a strong character who is especially determined and dedicated. Baron Industrial Hydraulics is fortunate to have an employee with this type of skill set leading our future and our team.

Rob Meadwell

Shop & Operations Manager

Rob’s 20+ years in the hydraulic repair industry and equipment repairs from mining, industrial, manufacturing, mobile, stationary, agriculture and more has allowed Baron Industrial Hydraulics to be a standard in the industry. Through a strong skill set, relentless determination, attention to detail and a genuine concern for your operating needs, Rob is going to deliver on your wants, needs, expectations, thoughts and/or visions. From working with automated robotic systems, production assembly lines to working 2000 ft underground in a salt mine environment for 15 years, Rob will make things happen with the resources available. Meeting the customers’ expectations and operating is his priority.