Results that matter

In order to prevent or repair any system or component failure, you will always need the “Three T’s” (time, tools & talent) to deliver on any expectation of the customer. Baron has the time, tools and talent to deliver on your expectations.

What you can expect

From foundries, steel mills, plastic injection molding & many other industrial repairs, Baron Industrial Hydraulics has formed many partnerships & relationships with the regional leading manufacturers in these industries from the relentless drive & determination of ensuring that our customer expectations are met & their production down time is minimal when we are called upon. From the hydraulic power unit functions, interlocks & controls to the operating components that bring your equipment to life in the cylinders, motors, valves, monitoring interlock devices, ETC.., through regulated PM (Preventative Maintenance), Pd.M. (Predictive Maintenance) initiatives & programs that Baron Industrial Hydraulics has to offer, we can allow your team the ability to install PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) to allow the ability to forecast potential system failures through Pd.M. monitoring via thermal imaging, vibration analysis to lubrication analysis to prevent future failures from happening.

Industrial equipment support:
  • Water glycol & high temp applications
    • component repairs
  • Hydraulic & pneumatic component & power unit systems repair
  • Robotic repair
  • Compactors
  • Press applications
  • Plumbing improvements and/or conversions
  • Filtration improvements and/or conversations
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic Tooling
  • Injection Molding
  • Mill duty applications (Steel Mill)
  • Assembly line components
  • Conveyor drives
  • Work holding
  • Nitrogen charging
  • and much more
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