We treat each repair with skillful precision

To understand asset availability vs utilization is one thing, but to truly care about it is the difference for us at Baron no matter what the application is.

Available to our customers after hours

At Baron Industrial Hydraulics, our primary focus is your equipment availability & reliability. Delivering first time and quality repairs with authentic original equipment manufacturer parts (OEM) in a timely manner is our primary focus. Anything less is a short cut & we wish not to take part in anything less. No matter the demand, no matter the time frame, no matter the weather conditions or time of day, if you are a customer or business partner of Baron Industrial Hydraulics, we are committed to you and your equipment utilization through our availability to you and your availability to your asset. We believe that not having a resource after hours is unacceptable and we make ourselves available for guidance, scheduling, suggestions, quotes or just re-assurance.

All the services you could need

Baron Industrial Hydraulics services and supports the fluid power industry in a whole and in its many forms and applications as Baron Industrial Hydraulics is a complete hydraulic and systems repair facility. Even so, we don’t stop at the hydraulic or pneumatic components, systems, or equipment. Custom fabrication and custom machining is 2nd nature to Baron Industrial Hydraulics with our in-house machine shop, state certified welders and attention to detail that allows us to remanufacture just about any hard to find cylinders, parts, brackets, pins, tubes, shafts, spacers, custom projects, or whatever it is that you may need for your equipment and or operating needs. Baron Industrial Hydraulics can cross engineer and re-manufacture your needs at our same facility since 1976.

The history of fluid power

Blaise Pascal’s discovery of the “Fluid Power” theory started in France in 1646, when his aged wine bottles in his cellar started to shatter, which is why all bottles (plastic or glass) are tapered to a smaller size, especially Wine & Champagne bottles, as they have a greater bottled pressure from aging. Pascal’s Law & his many other proven theories has forever changed the way we have & will evolve as humans with technology and his theory findings & laws continue to be part of our daily lives from the time we wake up on our comfortable bed & turn off the alarm clock, take a drink of water from a cup that all three where manufactured with Hydraulic manufacturing equipment & transported to the store shelf with hydraulic material handling equipment as well as the shower & sink in your bathroom or tiles on your floor.

Every car, truck or mobile equipment you see on the road is the applied theory of Pascals Law. From your cars steering, transmission speeds to your brakes that stop you. Your elevator ride at work, to the barber or salon chair that lifts you up for that haircut, to the wheel chair lifts that transport patients, all the big or small manufacturers that supply Amazon, the tow trucks clearing an accident, electric company company trucks repairing your power cables, the snow plows & salt trucks clearing the roads or the street sweeper cleaning the roads, the great memories at the amusement park on all the rides. How about the planes and helicopters flying around or that fire truck and its “First Responders” (God Bless!!) barreling down the highway to protect or save someone. It all functions and or operates on the fluid power theory of “Pascal’s Law”.

One more fun fact

Everything that you touch and or consume on a daily basis, was either harvested, manufactured, transported, stocked or distributed with hydraulic harvesting, manufacturing and or material handling equipment & No matter what industry your hydraulic equipment supports or what your operating needs are, be reassured that Baron Industrial Hydraulics is here to support you in any aspect of your journey and or needs. That’s a fact!!!!

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